HAN University of Applied Sciences

Beasiswa Bachelor (S1) di Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN University of Applied Sciences)

Program studi 
(Hanya program studi yang tertera
dapat didanai oleh OTS)

  • Semua program S1

Kuota Beasiswa
(untuk program studi yang ditawarkan) 

  • 1 mahasiswa

Nilai Beasiswa
(jumlah dalam mata uang EURO untuk masing-masing penerima beasiswa) 

  • EUR 5,000 untuk tahun pertama
  • EUR 2,500 untuk tahun seterusnya

Jenis Beasiswa
(bentuk pemberian beasiswa)

  • Pengurangan biaya studi 

Durasi beasiswa
(lamanya pemberian beasiswa)

  •  Sepanjang masa studi

Deadline pengajuan beasiswa ke pihak Nuffic Neso Indonesia 

  •  1 April 2019 (paling lambat 23:59 WIB)


Persyaratan untuk mendaftar ke program studi (kriteria/dokumen minimal yang perlu dikirimkan ke pihak universitas)

Academic Requirement: High school diploma
English Level: IELTS min.score 6.5
Working experience: No (not required)

Informasi/persyaratan tambahan

- A motivation letter in which you explain why you will be a successful HAN student
- A short video of yourself of max. 3 minutes in which you address the following questions:

1. Describe yourself and the areas in which you consider yourself to excel.
2. lf your former teachers or your friends would tell us about you,
    what would they say?
3. Tell us about your chosen study course at the HAN.
4. lf working in a team, based on your personality and/or experience,
    what role would you have and why?

OTS is part of the HAN Excellence Scholarship Program (HESP). More information on www.han.nl

Persyaratan untuk mengajukan beasiswa OTS
(dokumen yang perlukan dikirimkan ke Nuffic Neso Indonesia)

- Formulir Orange Tulip Scholarship 
- Bukti Bukti telah memulai pendaftaran / telah diterima di Universitas
(program studi yang tertera di laman ini)
- CV (dalam Bahasa Inggris)
- Motivation letter (dalam bahasa Inggris)
- Video singkat (lihat arahan di kolom persyaratan tambahan)

Kontak Perguruan Tinggi 

Scholarship Advisor 



Located in the historic eastern Dutch cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen, the campuses of HAN University of Applied Sciences offer outstanding professional courses to over 33,000 students. HAN has modern buildings, state-of-the art multimedia centers, world-class laboratories and wireless internet access in both campuses. The courses combine a solid theoretical basis with practical application in the field so that students are well positioned to enter the job market as soon as they graduate. All courses at HAN University of Applied Sciences are accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Education and the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). The University’s centres of expertise provide tailored research to companies and institutions around the globe.

HAN University of Applied Sciences offers the HAN Excellence Scholarship Programme in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Education and Science. This programme consists of the following scholarships:

  • HAN Prestige Scholarship
  • HAN Merit Scholarship
  • Holland Scholarship
  • Orange Tulip Scholarship
By following a degree course at HAN University of Applied Sciences, students obtain a degree that will be an asset to any employee anywhere in the world. Fully accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Education and internationally recognized, the HAN diploma is the starting point of graduates’ successful careers and further studies in international postgraduate programmes.

Applied research also plays an important role in the study programmes at HAN. Insights and research products developed within HAN’s six research centres flow back into the professional field and education. This means that students have access to the latest insights and can even get hands-on experience in cutting-edge research!

Bachelors in English - https://www.han.nl/international/english/international-programmes/bachelor-courses/

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Life Sciences
  • Communication
  • lnternational Business (4 tracks): 
       - Finance
       - Management
       - Marketing and Sales
       - Supply Chain Management.

Masters in English - https://www.han.nl/international/english/international-programmes/masters-programmes/

  • Molecular Life Sciences
  • Engineering Systems (5 tracks):
        - Automotive Systems
        - Control Systems
        - Embedded Systems
        - Lean Engineering
        - Sustainable Energy

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