Master in Management (MM)

Beasiswa untuk program MM dari Maastricht School of Management

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Program studi 
(Hanya program studi yang tertera
dapat didanai oleh OTS)

  • Master in Management 

Kuota Beasiswa
(untuk program studi yang ditawarkan)

  • 2 mahasiswa

Nilai Beasiswa
(jumlah dalam mata uang EURO untuk masing-masing penerima beasiswa) 

  • EUR 9,480

Jenis Beasiswa
(bentuk pemberian beasiswa)

  • Potongan biaya studi 60% 

Durasi beasiswa
(lamanya pemberian beasiswa)

  • Sepanjang program studi

Deadline pengajuan beasiswa ke pihak Nuffic Neso Indonesia 

  •  1 April 2019 (paling lambat 23:59 WIB)


Persyaratan untuk mendaftar ke program studi (kriteria/dokumen minimal yang perlu dikirimkan ke pihak universitas)

Academic Requirement: Bachelor's degree or student can apply if he/she will finish the Bachelor's degree before start of the MSM academic year
English Level: TOEFL iBT min. score 88 or IELTS min. score 6.5 or previous studies in English
Other diploma: GMAT min. score 600 or GRE Equivalent to 600 GMAT score
*GMAT/GRE not required if student chooses to complete MSM (free) online leveling courses (to be completed prior to the program) with min. score 55%
Working Experience: No (not required)

Informasi/persyaratan tambahan

More information on 

Persyaratan untuk mengajukan beasiswa OTS
(dokumen yang perlukan dikirimkan ke Nuffic Neso Indonesia)

Formulir Orange Tulip Scholarship 
Bukti Bukti telah memulai pendaftaran / telah diterima di Maastricht School of Management
(program studi yang tertera di laman ini)
CV (dalam Bahasa Inggris)
1 surat rekomendasi (bagian dari prosedur aplikasi MSM)
Esai (Motivation Essay for MSM-specific application)  

Kontak Perguruan Tinggi 

Giulia Zucchelli (Master in Mangement & FT MBA)
+31 4338 70830

Inka Diddens (Executive MBA & Online MBA)
 +31 4338 70866



Maastricht School of Management

As the most international, and second oldest, Business School in the Netherlands, MSM is situated in the heart of Europe, Maastricht, has over 65 years of specializing in management knowledge. 

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) of Maastricht School of Management is an experience in the essence of organizational leadership and entrepreneurial management in a fast-changing, multi-cultural and global business environment. 

Our MBA takes a practice-oriented approach, focusing on putting your newly gained knowledge and skills into your daily professional and personal life. Immediately from the first course you can apply what you have learned during the interactive lectures, practice-based assignments, work visits and guest lectures (on-campus MBA programs). 

You round off your MBA degree with a fi nal project, either an academic research paper, a business plan or a business consultancy project. This will off er you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills directly to real business problems or issues which companies are facing today.

The MBA is generalist management program, but at MSM you can also challenge yourself by choosing from different specializations to fully align your MBA with your career ambitions. Or perhaps you want to move outside of your comfort zone and develop yourself in a completely new area. 

At MSM we recognize the importance of our Career Services, and we have created a special optional Career and Personal Development Track (CPDT) to help our students achieve their goals. The CPDT aims at providing you with the tools necessary to help you fi nd a job upon completion of your MBA degree at MSM. Throughout the year, you will train your soft-skills and prepare yourself for a successful career. Personal development training is also integrated in some of the courses of the curriculum.

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