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Beasiswa untuk program Bachelor (S1) di Saxion University of Applied Sciences

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Program studi 
(Hanya program studi yang tertera
dapat didanai oleh OTS)

  • Terbuka untuk semua program studi Bachelor (S1) berbahasa Inggris

Kuota Beasiswa
(untuk program studi yang ditawarkan) 

  • 2 mahasiswa

Nilai Beasiswa
(jumlah dalam mata uang EURO untuk masing-masing penerima beasiswa) 

  • € 3,900

Jenis Beasiswa
(bentuk pemberian beasiswa)

  • 50% pengurangan biaya studi

Durasi beasiswa
(lamanya pemberian beasiswa)

  • Tahun pertama studi

Deadline pengajuan beasiswa ke pihak Nuffic Neso Indonesia 

  •  1 April 2019 (paling lambat 23:59 WIB)


Persyaratan untuk mendaftar ke program studi (kriteria/dokumen minimal yang perlu dikirimkan ke pihak universitas)

Academic Requirement: High School Diploma
English Level: IELTS min. score 6.5 
GPA: 75%
Working experience: No (not a requirement)

Informasi/persyaratan tambahan

More information on 

Persyaratan untuk mengajukan beasiswa OTS
(dokumen yang perlukan dikirimkan ke Nuffic Neso Indonesia)

- Formulir Orange Tulip Scholarship 
- Bukti Bukti telah memulai pendaftaran / telah diterima di University of Amsterdam
(program studi yang tertera di laman ini)
- CV dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kontak Perguruan Tinggi 

Scholarships Department 

Saxion University of Applied Sciences is a public university with a history of over 100 years, is located in the East of the Netherlands on three campuses, Deventer, Enschede and Apeldoorn. 

International programmes are taught in English. A Dutch Bachelor or Master degree is recognised throughout the world. 

Saxion University offers a student-centred learning environment. Students are trained in competences and acquire skills through active learning. Students are responsible for their own education process, helped by a portfolio and a personal development plan. 

Saxion’s digital learning environment plays an important role in achieving our educational goals, the interactions with lectures and working together with fellow students play a crucial role as well.

After graduation Saxion Connect offers unique opportunities for both international graduates and companies. The programme helps graduates to find their way on to the Dutch job market.

More information on Saxion can be found at our website, and

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