StuNed Scholarship Programme (English version)

StuNed or Studeren in Nederland is a scholarship programme that is an integral part of the bilateral cooperation between the Governments of the Netherlands and Indonesia. The main objectives of StuNed are to strengthen the human resources in Indonesian organisations and the bilateral relations between the Netherlands and Indonesia at the same time. StuNed started in 2000 and has entered its 6th phase for the implementation in the years 2020 and 2021. Around 4,700 alumni of StuNed have been awarded scholarships as of January 2021. The programme is implemented by Nuffic Neso Indonesia on behalf of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Indonesia.

Bilateral Priority Areas

StuNed aims to support the development of Indonesia’s human resources with a focus on excellent young Indonesian professionals. Furthermore, the scholarship programme facilitates contacts between people and organisations from Indonesia and the Netherlands, thus strengthening the bilateral cooperation between both countries. StuNed hereby focuses on the following areas that are of interest to Indonesia as well as  the Netherlands:

  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship – Circular Economy
  • Water Management
  • Security and Rule of Law
  • Agro-Food and Horticulture



StuNed scholarships are awarded in two different modalities:

  • Master programmes: master courses with a duration between 12-24 months, and with a clear relation to the bilateral priority areas.
  • Tailor-Made Training: trainings to increase capacity of Indonesian organisations through specific skills and in-demand knowledge related to the strategic plans of the organisations, with a clear relation to the bilateral priority areas.


Programme guidelines
Dutch institutions who are involved in the implementation of StuNed can contact our team for guidelines on the implementation. More information on the Tailor Made Trainings can be obtained from Nuffic Neso Indonesia and will also be published as part of the tender procedures.

E-mail: (for inquiries related to Master programmes) or (for inquiries related to Tailor-Made Training)
Phone: +62 21 5085 8787
Contact hours by phone: Monday to Friday 08.00 AM - 11.00 AM (Dutch Time)

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