StuNed - Tailor Made Training

StuNed or Studeren in Nederland is a scholarship programme funded by the Government of the Netherlands, an integral part of the bilateral cooperation between the Government of the Netherlands and Indonesia. The main objectives of StuNed are to strengthen the capacities of human resources in Indonesian organisations in support of the bilateral relations between the Netherlands and Indonesia. The programme is implemented by Nuffic Neso Indonesia on behalf of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Indonesia.

Tailor-Made Trainings (TMT) are a part of the StuNed scholarship programme which aims to increase the capacity of institutions working for public purposes in Indonesia by providing training for its staff and related stakeholders. The training is to be provided by experts from Dutch universities, other knowledge institutions or training consultant from the Netherlands, in collaboration with local expert(s) if required.

Indonesian requesting organizations are invited to send an Expression of Interest (EoI)(83 kB) to apply for a TMT.

Below is more detailed information regarding the procedure and requirements:

Training Subject

The call is for proposals in the field of Security and Rule of Law, and may cover any of the following topics:

  • Legal certainty (legal education, legal drafting, legal dissemination, use of case-law)
  • Cybersecurity and digital safety
  • Terrorism/Countering Violent Extremism
  • Crisis management
  • Accountability (public participation)

TMT Characteristics:

  • Non-Degree Program
  • Specific and demand driven
  • The training most likely will be held in Indonesia, or in the Netherlands if the Indonesian requesting organisation will be able to cover the travel cost of the participants.
  • Duration of the training: around 2 weeks
  • Maximum participants:  20
  • Maximum budget requested from StuNed: € 50.000
  • Co-funding highly encouraged
  • The training schedule is decided together with the Dutch training provider and should be held approximately in June – July 2021at the latest
  • Given the Covid-19 situation and travel restrictions, EoIs proposing online trainings are welcome

Requirement for proposed participants:

  • Indonesian citizens
  • Minimum Education S1/D4
  • Mid- level staff, with minimum of 2 years’ experience in a related field
  • Fill out and complete the application form, after the TMT is granted


Requesting organisations are highly encouraged to contribute in the training cost, such as cost related to the participants.

Requesting Organisation Requirement:

The requesting organisation must have an Indonesian legal entity and be active for more than 10 years. The EoI must be signed by the Director of a division or department (equivalent to Echelon II in the Indonesian government organisational system) of the requesting organisation. The EoI form (83 kB)and rules and regulation(360 kB) of StuNed TMT can be downloaded. 

A soft copy of the completed EoI should be sent to by Friday, 18th September 2020 at 10:00 hrs CET or 15:00 Indonesian WIB at the latest.

Selection Phase

The result of the EoI selection will be announced by mid of December 2020 by email to the requesting organisations that have submitted a proposal, and on the Nuffic Neso Indonesia website.


For more information, please see the FAQ below or send email to




F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) - Tailor Made Training

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about StuNed Tailor Made Training from an Indonesian requesting organisation:

1.   We have already filled out the old version form of the training outline. Can we send it as our application?

StuNed only accepts the EoI form as specified. Please change your proposal form using the current EoI since it has been updated into a new and simpler format.

2.   Can one requesting organisation submit more than one EoI?

The EoI is submitted and signed by the Director equivalent to the level of Echelon II of the requesting organisation (the level of Dean for a University). If an organisation has more than one unit of Echelon II/faculty, thus the organisation can propose more than one EoI. However, if there is only one Echelon II, thus the organisation can only submit one EoI.

3.   How do we get in touch with a relevant training provider?

A Dutch Training provider can be discussed together with Nuffic Neso Indonesia after the EoI has been selected. A requesting organisation is welcome to suggest a training provider.

4.   Can the prospective training participants come from other Indonesian organisations?

The priority for training participants is mainly from the requesting organisation (at least 50%). However, if it is considered relevant, the requesting organisation can propose prospective training participants from other organisations.

5.   Where is the training location?

With the limited subsidy, maximally € 50,000, the training is likely to be implemented in Indonesia, unless the requesting organisation is able to provide co-funding for travel costs.

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