Tissa Aunilla

Tissa Aunilla is the CEO of Pipiltin Cocoa, an inclusive business, a bean to bar, chocolate company from Indonesia.

Indonesia is the third largest cocoa bean producer in the world, yet the domestic market is flooded with imported chocolate, so Tissa started Pipiltin Cocoa, with her brother, Irvan Helmi, to introduce single origin premium chocolates of Indonesia. She committed to source cocoa ethically from smallholder farmers in Indonesia’s Bali, Aceh, Flores, East Java, and West Papua. Direct sourcing allows Pipiltin Cocoa to support the sustainability of cocoa farming by working with farmers to promote sustainable practices.

Tissa used to work as a corporate lawyer that she has been practicing for 7 years. Back then, her passion in chocolate which she grew since she was living and studying in the Netherlands continued to grow. As the story goes, it also shaped her decisions leaving a steady job as a corporate lawyer and turning to set up the Pipiltin chocolate factory which was one of the biggest decisions in her life.

In fact, the Pipiltin story started when she was taking Law and Economics Master’s programme at Utrecht University the Netherlands. ‘The programme’s focus on the interdependence of economics and law has changed my way of thinking and developed my legal knowledge on business, especially on the cost-benefit analysis (CBA). It really has helped me shaping a quantitative approach to Pipiltin Cocoa’s business decisions.’Tissa said

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