Knowledge Collaboration

We welcome your ideas to join forces in benefitting from the Dutch knowledge sector and its wide scope of connections in Indonesia to support human capital investment, innovation, economic progress and sustainable development.

The Dutch Training & Exposure Programme (DUTEP)

DUTEP focuses on integrated urban water management in Indonesia.

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Orange Talk

Nuffic Neso Indonesia curates a series of online talk show in relations with the SDGs to build up collective capacity through knowledge and practice sharing mechanism, particularly in the three priority themes (Security and Rule of Law - Agriculture and Food Security - Water and Infrastructure). If you would like to participate as speaker and be involved in the Orange Talk, please contact our alumni officer, Dito Alif Pratama (

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SiH Online Learning

This online event has objectives to educate and provide Indonesian prospective student an extensive experience about the conduct of online learning and classes in Dutch Higher Education Institutions.

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Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

Starting from 2016, Indonesia and the Netherlands work together to improve vocational education in Indonesia, in particular in agriculture.

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