Orange Talk

Nuffic Neso Indonesia curates a series of online talk show in relations with the SDGs to build up collective capacity through knowledge and practice sharing mechanism, particularly in the three priority themes (Security and Rule of Law - Agriculture and Food Security - Water and Infrastructure). If you would like to participate as speaker and be involved in the Orange Talk, please contact our alumni officer, Dito Alif Pratama (

Transforming Indonesia's Food System to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs)

NL network Indonesia presents the first online series of Orange Talk on transforming Indonesia’s food system to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This discussion presents practitioners and experts perspectives and seek to identify key opportunities and recommendations that might creatively promote innovative action in transforming the food system in the country.


Livable Cities: Is Village the Future?

Indonesia was once known as an agrarian nation. However, the increasing pace of urbanization has not only an enormous impact on cities but also on villages all over the Indonesian archipelago. As of 2019, 44 % of the country’s population live in the rural areas of Indonesia spread over 70 000 villages. Enormous potentials lie in rural areas, a.o. natural assets, cultural heritage, local wisdom, a strong sense of community. These can be the key to improving living conditions throughout the country as well as a strong foundation for a sustainable lifestyle.


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