Higher Education Levels in Indonesia

According to the duration, courses offered, credit points, and degree awarded, higher education programmes in Indonesia are differentiated into 4 (four) types as elaborated below.

  • Diploma

Diploma is full-time vocational and technical education. The levels are classified according to the duration and the amount of credits required. The program emphasizes on practice (60%) in order to prepare the graduates for job market.







Awarded Diploma Degree

Diploma I (D1)



Ahli Pratama

Diploma II (D2)



Ahli Muda

Diploma III (D3)



Ahli Madya

(equivalent to an associate’s degree)

Diploma IV (D4)



Sarjana Sains Terapan

(equivalent to a bachelor of applied science)


  • Sarjana Stratum I (S1)

Simply referred to as Sarjana, this programme combines 60% theoretical aspects and 40% practice. The program involves 140-160 credit points with a duration of 4 (four) years or less. A bachelor's degree followed by subject degree is awarded to those who successfully complete the programme.

  • Sarjana Stratum II (S2)

The students require a minimum duration of 2 years to fulfill 36 credit points, including research and scientific paper. They will obtain a magister degree or equivalent to a master’s degree upon the completion of programme.

  •  Sarjana Stratum III (S3)

Each higher education institution sets the actual duration to complete Sarjana Stratum III (S3) or doctoral programme. However the student or usually called as a doctoral candidate or PhD candidate can complete the programme, including research and a doctoral thesis, within three and a half to five years.

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