Indonesian Higher Education Institutions

Indonesian higher education institutions has increased tremendously in last couple of decades. Ministry of Culture and Education reported, there are + 8,000,000 students and 297,000 lecturers on 28,000 study programmes in 4,741 higher education institutions.

According to Law No. 20 Year of 2003 on Nasional Education System 2003, Indonesian higher education institutions are divided as follows.

  • Academies

An academy only offer vocational education of one particular applied science, technology, or art. A number of academies aim primarily to educate staff of ministries. Approximately 1,064 academies have been established in Indonesia.

  • Polytechnics

A polytechnic conducts vocational education in various applied sciences and technologies. Polytechnics equip their graduates with applicable and transferable knowledge and skills. Currently there are 278 polytechnics registered in Indonesia.

  • Colleges/advanced schools

Colleges or advanced schools usually consist of one faculty with some majors that only provide courses of related subject areas. They offer both academic education and vocational education. Some particular colleges conduct professional education as well.

  • Institutes and universities

Institutes and universities comprise of faculties that conducts vocational and technical education and academic education. Institutes specialize their courses within a specific discipline, i.e. agriculture, technology, arts, etc. An agricultural related institute only offers courses in agricultural related fields. It is often indicated by its official name ending with the area of specialization. Universities rarely specialize but offers a large number of courses from various disciplines. The number of institutes and universities in Indonesia was estimated to be more than 3,000 institutions.

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